0Getting Into Songwriting w/ Triple Platinum Songwriter Drew Lawrence

Presskit.to: After graduating from Berklee and moving to LA how were you able to adjust to the new location and network within an unfamiliar scene? 


Drew Lawrence: It took me a while – eventually I tapped into some of the alumni events through Berklee.  I also connected w/ people on Craigslist when forming my own band.  It’s funny, but one of them is now the drummer for One Republic. I could have done it quicker If I had gone to publishing companies, management companies or especially ASCAP or BMI and requested meetings.  These people are there to help and they will set up sessions for you.


Pk: You’ve had a varied career in music including teaching and gigging.  When and why did you start focusing on songwriting?


DL:  It kind of fell into my lap!  One of my friends got signed to Sony and it occurred to me – after 3 years of trying to get my own deal – that maybe I could at least get a song on somebody else’s album.  The result was my first major label cut in 2006.


Pk: Is there a specific number of songs that songwriters should have written or certain level of success reached before they move to LA or Nashville?  ie. Should I get my shit together before I head West or should I jump right in?


DL:  No, just dive in.  There is no better way to learn the business.  Network, go to shows, and do as many sessions as possible.  If I could do it again I would have got to LA immediately after school.


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