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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

  • A group of passionate people (songwriters, music producers, music marketers, sound designers, web designers, photographers, video producers, composers,  webshop builders, lyric writers, playlist pluggers to Spotify, graphic designers and music attorneys who takes care of the legal aspects.
  • That everyone with a dream shall be able to go with it 100% by bridging the gap that is present in todays music industry.
    You no longer have to deal with issues along the way like a completed song but don’t know how to market it or an uncompleted song where you need that extra push to finish it.
  • We offer everything from advise to practical solutions to build your music carrier, artist profile or whatever you need to complete your goals.

    • Artists for song releases
    • Companies that need commercials for Youtube, Audiobooks or a custom written song for their brand.
    • Music producers that need help with improving their production or mixing their songs.
    • Anybody who want to use the studio for a recording session
    • Anyone who want to subscribe to our subscription plans
    • Anyone that need to use our educational tutorials or courses.
    • For film supervisors that need a song for their movie.
    • For rappers who is looking for a beat
    • Anyone who just want to listen to an inspirational podcast
  • We offer computer based recordings and live recordings for music. We record speech for radio / video commercials and audio books. We do commercials with speech, music and sound effects which you can use as Youtube ads. We produce music for film. We have a beat creating producer team that do instrumental beats in different genre. We basically do whatever can be expect from a sound driven team.

  • We have recording studio locations in Los Angeles, London and Gothenburg Sweden.

Music Subscription

  • It is our new service where you can choose whatever you want to get help with for a low monthly fee that everybody can afford.
    It can be that you need help with finishing a song part or to get help putting together your home studio or come down to our studio and  record your vocals. We fill the gap with whatever you need the most on your path to reach your goals. You can choose which plan that suits you best everything from a time based plan where you use purchased hours the way you want to take advantage of our services or a plan with pre recorded videos that suits your needs. You can switch plan whenever you like from i.e a music production video plan to a time based plan. There is no contract which means that you can cancel it at anytime.
  • Youtube is a wonderful place to find educational content on but sometimes we run into so many different types of scenarios where we need human interaction to solve them.
    Let´s say you get stuck in your songwriting process at a particular place in your song and you don´t know how to proceed. You now get whats called “Writers Block” Youtube videos can teach you how to deal with writers block and thats great but in some cases you also need some one who can listen to your song and give you advice and tips how to get around it so you can move on and finish your song. With a time based subscription plan your are just a Skype or phone call away or a studio visit in person where we sit down together and focus on solving your problem.