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Shopping Guide

Find the right product

There are several ways to find the product you are looking for.

1. Search in the search engine
To the right of the page you will find the search engine. Enter your keywords and wait for the results. If the product you are looking for does not appear in search results, try searching on that particular keyword.

2. Search by category
In the right list on the respective product page you can click through to the correct category and subcategory.

3. Banners
All our banners are clickable. By clicking on a text or picture banner will take you directly to a promotion / artist, etc..

Make the purchase
When you find the product you want to buy, start by clicking the “Buy” button. The product is now in the basket at the top right of the page. After adding all the products you want in your basket, click the “Checkout”.

If this is your first purchase you can register as a new customer (click on “My account”). When you become a customer, log in with your username and password. You can do a purchase without register an account. If you have a discount code, enter it in the checkout in step 2 of 3.

At the checkout
At the checkout, you as the customer have the possibility to choose how to pay your order, and hence how it should be delivered to your home.

Your personal and address details and your order will appear. Ensure that all information is correct. Choose a payment option (see below), click on “Order” to complete the purchase. If any person or address information is not correct, click “Change your details”. If your order is incorrect or if you changed your mind, click “Modify Cart”.

Your order confirmation will be up and confirm that your order is completed. Make sure the information is correct. This order confirmation is sent via e-mail to the address you specified. Your order has been placed and the goods will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Payment Options

If you wish to pay by paypal you must become a Paypal customer first.
Register a Paypal Account on their website.
When you are done shopping and get to the checkout and select PayPal as payment,
you’ll automatically be transferred to the paypal login page. Where you log in and complete the purchase.
An order confirmation will be sent out to your e-mail.