Hen/Stag Party

Record a song in a music studio on your hen or stag party

Record your own CD-record with us in a pro studio as the real artist do.
We have done hundreds of similar recordings and we know what it takes to give you a happy memory that last for a long time.
For the most people this is a “once in a lifetime experience” and it will leave you with a wonderful memory and an experience.
You can then play the record on your wedding party, for your fiends or on your honeymoon.

This is how it works

Call, send us an e-mail or click here in order to book a studio time and let us know which song you like to record. You can choose songs from our Songlist or do a search on Youtube or Spotify. Type in the “name” of the song and the word” instrumental” in the search field. You can also search for songs in our web store.
The format of the song must be an instrumental version or karaoke version without lead vocal. Vocal choir can occur  in the song and that is okay.

Music video
If you wish to have a music video just let us know. You will have the DVD-video posted to your address within 1 week from the day that the video was recorded.
Before we start filming we will go through the steps on how you want the choreography and the overall film concept.
The video will be done in HD-format which you then can play on your computer or upload on for example Youtube.

In the studio

When you arrive in the studio we usually start with playing the actual song in order for you to prepare before recording.
Now it´s the time to ask questions that you may have.  For some of you who have written customized lyrics you can adjust the last parts.
Finally it´s time to get behind the mic and prepare for recording. Put on your head phones and start singing!
Our vocal coach is always at hand when you need any help with for instance verses and choruses.

For you who wants to sing choir, you can do that with a maximum of 8 persons at a time.
Our mingling photographer is taking professional pictures that you can have sent to your e-mail address afterwords.
When the recording is done the final step is to mix it all together. We can do it directly while you are waiting or send it to you afterwords, it´s up to you to decide.

It´s okay to bring food and drinks for those who want it


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