Global Music Distribution

Sell your music worldwide on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and more.
Reach out to over 300 million people who wants to listen and buy your music!
Now special offer: Total cost for an album production $ 0 (Normally $ 5,900).

Why do you need Global Distribution
– Everyone can listen to your Album, Single, Ringtone through eg Streaming subscription.
– Earn money on your music and keep 85% of the revenues.
– Everything you release will be listened to by one of the world’s largest record company in the United States.
– Your music is up in stores within 24 hours.
– It´s easier to get major concerts when everyone knows who you are.
– 50/50 split between music producer and the artist.


What is Global Distribution?
We are using 2 distributors Rebeat and Tune Core.
When an album is finished, we upload it and after 24 hours – 5 days
depending on which store and their routines,  the music is available for sale worldwide on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and others.
Tune Core generates 45 million $ to the artists annually through the distribution.
Artists who uses Tune Core are for example, Jay-Z, Drake, Soulja Boy, Keith Richard and others.
Your music are listened to by the executives at Interscope Records in Los Angeles. If they consider your music being something extraordinary, there is a chance for a developers deal.  At Interscope you´ll find artists such as Keyshia Cole, Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige, Fergie, Robyn, Lloyd and others

How Does it work?
1. After you have ordered and chosen the type of distribution packages you want (see below) you will be informed of the upload instructions within two business days.
2. Be sure to upload your audio files according to the following formats: WAV or AIFF files, either 16 bit/44.1 kHz sampling rate or 24 bit/48 kHz sampling rate. These files must be the final mix of the song. We can not accept MP3 files because of their low quality.  The cover art in PNG format and preferably 600×600 pixels and a maximum of 1 MB.
3. We will listen to the song and decide if it needs to be processed or is readyfor distribution. Processing can be mastering or a better mixing. We will also determine if the cover is of good quality. If you hire us as a pure distributionagent, we will also listen to the music style itself. Where, we will determine if the music is within our framework as a record company. Where we take into consideration about the genre and the content of the lyrics. If everything is okay we will email the contract for signing.

You have 2 distribution packages to choose from.

  1. 1. Independent:  You keep all your copyrights. We take 15% of sales and the rest goes to you. (You are responsible for the making of the production and the music to 100%). Upload it completely finished including covers. You get 20% discount on our mastering and mixing services.  You pay the one-time cost of $ 9.99 Single, Ringtone $ 9.99, albums $ 49.99
    2. Developers: Together we are making the music and the production. Total cost $ 0. The share is 50/50 between the artist and producer of the revenues. We choose who we want to make a Develpers deal with.

Pricing Distribution Package

1. Independent (15/85 distribution) Single $9.99
1. Independent (15/85 distribution) Ringtone—- $9.99
1. Independent (15/85 distribution) Album $49.99
2. Developer    (50/50 distribution) S, R, A $0


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I change an album when I have paid for it?
Unfortunately, when an album has been delivered, there is no automatic way to make changes on it. The best way to solve a necessary change is to take down your albums and upload a new changed version. We can make changes to an existing album, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that all stores will make the necessary changes. We do not charge any fee for these changes, but this route is generally not recommended as it takes stores weeks or sometimes months to process (if at all). But if you want to go further, let us know: contact us.

When and how do I get my money?
When a fan buys your music, sales and money from it will not be reported to the stores until about 2 months later. For example, if your song sells, the January sales will be reported in March and so on. Tune scores reported sales in the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Payments to your account is made once a month. You will receive an extract of statistics on how much your music has sold and from which part of world sales are coming from.

How long does it take for my music to go live after I paid for it?

  • • 24-72 hours in iTunes
  • • 3-7 business days to Amazon MP3.
  • • Approximately 6-8 weeks for Amazon on Demand, Spotify and MediaNet.
  • • Approximately 1-3 weeks for all other stores. Note that the time frames specified above are only averages – we can not guarantee when each store will make your music live

How will I know when and where my Release is live?
To see if your music is live in a store, go to the store’s website and search for music by typing the title and / or artist name. We will also mark your albums as “live” (in your discography page) within 1 week after your album goes live on iTunes. You can now check by searching for music in iTunes within 24-72 hours after you have paid for the distribution of your album.
Read distribution faq

Music Marketing

Let people know that you have released your music and where they can find it and listen to it!
When your music finally is visible in stores like Spotify, iTunes e.g you are just a half step away from your goal. How do people know that your music is there? If you haven´t done any promotion then you need to get the word out so everybody can find and buy your music. We have teamed up with 2 music promotion services who are working with artists promotion on a daily basis. They will send your music news out to 30 000 journalists and bloggers in the US and put you on prweb´s subscriber list which has 250 000 subscribers. It will be shown and reviewed in 100 newspapers, weekly magazines, top read blogs and on most popular websites in scandinavia depending on which package you choose..

Pricing Music Marketing

Basic Standard Advanced Premium Scandinavian
$89 per release $159 per release $199 per release $369 per release $149 per release
Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more

Get your music on Internet radio

7 million listeners
We register you, and your music will be up live within 24 hours
on Jango Airplay.

What is Jango?
Jango is a free online social music service that lets users create their own radio stations and share them with friends and others who like what they like. Over 7 million Jango customers have brought their stations to hear their music along with similar favorites of other users. Jango listeners can customize stations further by adding more artists and rate songs.

What is Jango Airplay?
Your music will be played to Jango listeners who like music similar to yours. You choose the fans to target by selecting artists you want to be played after. Have your music played after the Beatles, Black Eyes Peas, The White Stripes, Taylor Swift or any artist you think your fans will like.

New Fans
Listeners will be encouraged to rate your music, leave comments and get in touch with you. Communicate directly with your fans through the Jango dashboard. The Advanced Package (with 4800 plays) typically can get you about 200 fans to contact.

Get reports and data on your new fan base. Learn when and where your music got played, plus which artists’ fans are most likely to like your music.

Pricing Jango Airplay

Package Starter—– Advanced Professional
# of Plays Included 1,000 4,000 8,000
Tunecore Bonus Plays +200 +800 +1,600
Total Guaranteed Plays 1,200 4,800 9,600
Cost Per Play 2.5 cents 2.1 cents 2.1 cents
Price $29.99 $99.99 $199.99


How do I contact you?
Please send any questions to or call
ESMG Studios Los Angeles US +1 (424) 354-8344
ESMG Studios London UK  +44 (020) 32 39 30 11
ESMG Studios Gothenburg SWE  +46 (031) 3607367

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