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Media Production

When you want your company to grow, you need professional audio advertising
We have the knowledge and the creativity to help your company stand out from the crowd.
Now special offer 20% discount on our prices during spring 2012.

When do you need professional audio advertising?
– During campaigns (on your website, in stores)
– When you want to increase your sales
– When you need to market your new product
– At trade shows
– When you need to have a television or radio advertising spot


This is how you do it
1. Place an order on the type of production you want.
2. You will receive a link to a page where you upload the script on what to read.
3. The processing time is 1-2 business days.
4. For larger projects we will get back to you with a time estimate on the project.
5. Voice recording is done by professional speakers and actors
6. You will receive the audio files after 5-7 business days

It will have “EMC! NWORK Package” in the subject line and will be sent to the address you specified when you uploaded your script with your order.

What does it cost?

Recording (1500 words, 20 min sound) Non Commercial  1 Hour min—-  75$ (94$) Lyssna
Editing/Cutting/Naming the files  3 Hours  225$ Lyssna
Voice Talent  1 Hour min  230$ Lyssna
Translator / Language communicator  1 Hour min  75$ Lyssna
Sound effects  1 Hour min  75$ Lyssna
Music (Call or send us an e-mail for a quote request)  -$ Lyssna

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery time for commercials?
From the day you upload your script, it takes 5-7 working days for your production to be sent to you via e-mail.

If I want the production faster than 5-7 days, can that be arranged?
Yes you can but then you must pay full price without the 20% discount.

If I want music to the production, how does it work?
We write music for your company (audio logo) that you associate with your brand. Ask us and we’ll give you a price according to your wishes. You can also subscribe to pre written library music, however, you do not have sole rights to it.

I have a commercial without sound and want to have speakers and effects on the film, is that possible?
We synchronize film and voice recording. If you have the movie please upload it along with the scripts when you place the order.

If I want the voice recording in different languages​​, is that doable?
Yes we have voice talents from several countries ​​that read in their native language.

How do I contact you? Please send any questions to or call

ESMG Studios Los Angeles US +1 (424) 354-8344
ESMG Studios London UK  +44 (020) 32 39 30 11
ESMG Studios Gothenburg SWE  +46 (031) 3607367 

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