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Professional Mixing Service
Improve the sound of your music with professional mixing
Now special offer $ 199 per track (normally $ 249)

Why do you need mixing?
Your music needs to sound professional and get the width, close feel, clarity and dynamics in order to be ready for the market before it goes on CD, streamed into smart phones, laptops or plays on the radio, and so forth.

What is mixing?
Mixing is basically to process any material you’ve recorded to complete your songs. We will do things like, add effects, adjust volume, adjust the EQ, compress, pan and so on. Think of it like putting together a puzzle. It is to put together the parts of what you’ve recorded, so that everything is connected right and perfecting the details. When we are finished mixing your tracks, you should be happy with how it sounds and feel confident that you will not need to add anything.

How does it work?
1. After confirmation of payment you will receive a notification of the upload instructions from us within two working days. Make sure to check your spam folder just in case.
2. Be sure to upload your audio files using the following format: WAV-or AIFF-files, either 16 bit/44.1 kHz sampling rate or 24 bit/48 kHz sampling rate. These files should be the final version of the song with no top-limiter (for example. Normalizer, Finalizer – L2, L3). Other effects such as EQ, compression is not okey to have on the files or on the mix bus if you upload the files as a group. Be sure to keep the overall level of approx-3dB. We can not accept MP3 files because of their low quality.
3. The engineers will do what they think is best for your musical projects. If you have any special mixing instructions to the engineer, please upload an additional text file when you upload your audio files.

If your sound files are OK in format, you will get an e-mail with those final mixed audio files from ESMG Studios within 14-21 working days from the day you uploaded. Vi send three versions, 1. a total mix including vocals, 2. an instrumental version, 3. an acappella version. It will have “EMC! NWORK Package” in the subject line and will be sent to the address you specified when you uploaded your music.

What does it cost?
Mixing  Price per track  $199   (normally $249)


Frequently Asked Questions
What is the delivery time for mixing?
From the day you upload your audio files, it takes 14-21 business days for your mixed track to be returned to you via e-mail. If you need songs to be mixed faster, you have to pay the extra normal fee (above).

Can I choose my engineer?
Yes, but it is not part of ESMG Studios online mixing service. If you would like to choose your engineer, you must schedule a booked studio session with the engineer and prices start at $ 400 per hour (depending on the engineer).

Will ESMG Studios engineers really mix my music or will it be done by “presets?”
One of the talented engineers at ESMG Studios will mix your music with the same attention to detail that other clients they have worked with. There is no preset mixing and individual attention is given to every song.

I just paid but no one has contacted me, what should I do?
Do not worry, ESMG Studios will send you up-loading instructions for subscription customers within two business days.

I have uploaded the audio files and have not heard anything, what should I do?
Make sure you entered your contact information and the same e-mail that you have made with PayPal or Google Checkout transaction in the “Job ID” field. If you do not enter your contact information in the “Job ID” field we can not send your finished product. If you filled out your contact information so do not worry, we will send you a link to download your mastered audio files within 14-21 days.

When I received my mixed music back from ESMG Studios, can I ask for a revision?
The engineers mixes your music with the highest quality. If you still want to have a review after receiving your mixed music, for a fee of $ 100 per song on the revisions. Please contact we will send you a manual invoice to pay for an overhaul.

About ESMG Mixing Studios
ESMG Studios is a full service professional mixing studio, a part of ESMG Music Ltd., with studios in Los Angeles and London.The engineers have worked with some of the industry’s top artists and producers over the past 10 years through cutting edge technology

How do I contact you?
Please send any questions to or call
ESMG Studios Los Angeles US +1 (424) 354-8344
ESMG Studios London UK  +44 (020) 32 39 30 11
ESMG Studios Gothenburg SWE  +46 (031) 3607367

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