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Music Production

Finish your songs using professional music production service.
Our professional producers will help you with your songs so others can hear your music
Now special offer $599 per song (normally $725)

Why do you need music production?
– Your songs will sound professional and be ready for the market
– If you don´t have access to a studio to finish your music
– You can distribute your music to stores worldwide
– You can start earning money on your music
– You can send your music to radio stations and to agencies in order to get gigs
– Everyone can now listen to your music


What is Music Production?
We make your song into a finished product that you can play for others and make money on.
In the production process, we start from where you want to go with your music, such as music genre,, what the song should be about (the content of the lyric), who should have the song (eg if you should have it your self or if you want to send it to another artist), the temp of the song, the chords, melody, and if you have any ideas on what kind of instruments / sounds you like to have playing in the music. This gives us the basis for a good start so our producers can supply you with a production that you will be satisfied with.

How does it work?
1. After confirmation of payment you will receive a link to a page where you can upload the audio file on your song as wav, aiff or mp3 file. You will be able to upload the lyrics aswell, and you can set the tempo, chords and write down ideas about the sounds in the production.
2. The audio file must contain chords and melody played on piano or guitar for example. If you can sing it will be a benefit for us.
3. We listen to the song and get back to you before we start.
4. You will receive an initial production idea after 7-14 days and we expect you to have the finished production after 14-21 days.

It will have “EMC! NWORK Package” in the subject line and will be sent to the address you specified when you uploaded your  music.

What does it cost?
Production Packages and Prices

1 Production—- Full (no vocal) 5 instruments and more 799$  Listen
1 Production Half (no vocal) 2-4 instruments 599$  Listen
1 Production Single (no vocal) 1 instrument 199$  Listen
1 Hour If you want to hire our producers per hour—-  89$  Listen
2 Hours If you want to hire our producers per hour  169$  Listen
3 Hours If you want to hire our producers per hour  249$  Listen
4 Hours If you want to hire our producers per hour  339$  Listen
5-8 Hours If you want to hire our producers per hour  599$  Listen


Frequently Asked Questions
What is the delivery time for music production?
From the day you upload your audio files, it takes 14-21 business days for your production to be sent to you via e-mail. If you need songs produced faster, you have to pay the extra normal fee (above).

I just paid but no one has contacted me, what should I do?
Do not worry, ESMG Studios will send you the upload instructions within two business days.

I have uploaded the audio files and have not heard anything, what should I do?
Make sure you entered your contact information and the same e-mail that you have made with PayPal or Google Checkout transaction in the “Job ID” field. If you do not enter your contact information in the “Job ID”  We can not send your finished product. If you filled out your contact information so do not worry, we will send you a link to download your production files within 14-21 days.

When I received my produced music back from ESMG Studios, can I ask for a revision?
The producers will produce your music with the highest quality. If you still want to have a review after receiving your music, for a fee of USD 95 per track. Please contact and we will send you a manual invoice to pay for an overhaul.

If I want help with changes in the song, what´s the terms?
If we become a part of the changes in the melody, we discuss the royalty percentage as cowriter of the song.

How do I contact you?
Please send any questions to or call
ESMG Studios Los Angeles US +1 (424) 354-8344
ESMG Studios London UK  +44 (020) 32 39 30 11
ESMG Studios Gothenburg SWE  +46 (031) 3607367 

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