ByMelvin (Biography)

ByMelvin the 20 year old soul artist. His hometown is Gothenburg Sweden. He grew up in Sweden, on the west coast side in Gothenburg city, raised by his mother who is a singer and his father who is an songwriter. He is of Northern Europe and India descent. He has always been surrounded by music all of his time and have a great passion for harmonic music style and inspires of R&B and hiphop. His music carrier started early when he as only 7 years old he spend 4 years in a music school and graduated 2013. After graduation he decided to take the music to the next level.  One other thing he is passionate about and has a big talent for is football which he played for several years. He is a spiritual person and very outgoing. His motto in life is to work hard to achieve his goals in order to be able to pursue his music. He is spending a lot of time in Los Angeles where he collaborate with producers and songwriters. Now busy working in the studio on his debut album where he plays keyboard and guitar and write songs.

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