How To Make Your Facebook Timeline POP!

There is a fabulous feature that will help you highlight the things that happen throughout your life an career that you would like to post onto your Facebook Page.


This is a phenomenal tool for going back in time and recording important things in the history of your personal life, your band life, or anything you would like to have highlighted.


For artists that have histories with other bands this is doubly amazing because you can go back and create milestones for practically anything, and really build your story.


Here are a few things you can add:


  • Past tour dates
  • Past album release dates
  • Past press placements & radio add dates
  • The day you saw an amazing concert that inspired you
  • The day you were signed to a label
  • The day you were dropped from a label
  • The day you got your publishing deal
  • The day you recorded your first song
  • The day you entered the studio
  • The day you had your first vocal lesson
  • Etc.


Anything that was important in the history of your band and your life and your music can be added as a milestone.


Here’s how to create a milestone on your timeline in 5 easy steps:


Step 1: Login to Facebook, go to the Status / Post Bar and click milestone


Step 2: A box will appear. Input all the information – Fill out the event name/ location and date


Step 3: Tell a story about the milestone- Why was it significant?


Step 4: Add any photos that relate to the milestone


Step 5: Click Save and your milestone will be published on your timeline


TIP: Make sure when you create a milestone to add a photo, a little story or blurb, or a link to another site that helps to tell the story of that particular milestone.


Now your entire timeline will be robust and look amazing!


TIP: Note: If you are going to be adding multiple milestones at once I suggest that you check the box that says “hide from your newsfeed” so that your fans do not receive a whole bunch of notifications at once. –Music Think Tank