TuneSat Help Musicians Get Their Royalties From Television

A couple of weeks ago we highlighted a new feature that ASCAP was rolling out, it gives royalties to musicians for live shows. Today we have come across another company that aims to put money back in musician’s pockets. TuneSat was designed to help artist collect royalties for unlicensed music used on television.


 ”Majority of uses of music on tv are not reported to Performing Rights Organizations and that those that are still rely on manual processes, TuneSat makes a strong case for artists investigating their services.”

Here is a little bit more insight on how they work:

“TuneSat monitors tv broadcasts not only for such obvious uses of clients’ music as theme songs but for “dirty audio” in which music may be a part of a larger mix of sound. They update accounts every hour with the previous hour’s data and post audio recordings of all the captured detection. Information includes date and time, show information and client metadata with additional filtering tools.” [AlLindstrom]