The State of Music Subscription, December, 2012


(1) Sirius XM Radio. Third Quarter 2012 Financial Disclosures.

(2) Spotify.  Announcements Issued Dec., 2012.

(3) Deezer.  Various announcements, public disclosures, latest Dec., 2012.

(4) Rhapsody.  Latest disclosures date back to November of 2011 following the acqusition of Napster, not yet updated by the company.

(5) Pandora. Based on recent quarter (ending 10/31/2012) reported subscription revenue of $13.747 million (against straightlined, $36/yr. fees)

(6) Muve Music.  Latest subscription data, as of September (company has not yet updated this figure).

(7) Rdio & MOG.  Estimates based on sources close to the companies, neither company has ever disclosed any subscriber information pubicly. 50,000 may be generous to both; these are laggards in the space.

(8) eMusic.  This is an estimate based on sources.

(9) WiMP.  Latest announcements, issued 12/21/2012.