Getting the Money Using Streaming Services with D.A. Wallach

While streaming services have been around for a little over a decade in the Music Industry, they have not gained any real traction drawing listenership until the past few years with the rise and growth of Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio. Like a lot of these newer and developing access points to listening to music, it starts a new process of figuring out how the payment plan breaks down and how artists get paid. These streaming services are still licensing the songs and artist catalogs, so they are due their fair share of the split. But, how does that split break down? Do artists make money purely off of advertising? Do they see a percentage of what monthly subscribers pay? Or is it all based off a “revenue-per-stream” basis? D.A. Wallach is the Artist-in-Residence for Spotify and is 1/2 of the outfit, Chester French. D.A. knows what it’s like for artists who are trying to make a living making music. It’s a tough road indeed, and certainly a tough business, but D.A. is here to tell you how to “Get the Money!” using a service like Spotify and how you can partner up with them to work on marketing your music!